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Goldwater Institute and National Coalition of Education Choice Advocates Release Letter Encouraging Trump Administration to Support School Choice at the State and Local Level

Letter Encourages Administration to Protect Federalism and Parental Choices in Education

Phoenix – Today, the Goldwater Institute joined 12 other leading state and national organizations in sending a letter to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos praising her outspoken commitment to parental choice in education. The letter outlines the importance of state-led efforts on education choice, emphasizing the need to remain true to the tenets of federalism—in particular, by moving education decision-making out of Washington to states, local school districts, and ultimately parents. In addition, the letter offers support for specific policies that the Administration should support to bolster parental choice movements across the nation and to keep the education choice movement unified. 

In addition to the Institute, members of the coalition include: The Texas Public Policy Foundation, American Legislative Exchange Council, The Heritage Foundation, Alabama Policy Institute, Beacon Center of Tennessee, The Georgia Public Policy Foundation, Idaho Freedom Foundation, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Palmetto Promise Institute, Public Interest Institute, The Rio Grande Foundation, and The Sutherland Institute.

“Every child should have the chance at a quality education, and such opportunities should be designed at the state and local level in conjunction with parents,” said Jonathan Butcher, education policy director at the Goldwater Institute. “In joining with other leading organizations, we are ready to assist efforts to put education decision-making in the hands of students and their families.”

Read the full letter here.




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