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Rio Grande Foundation sues Santa Fe over law requiring nonprofits that speak about ballot initiatives to turn donor lists over to the government

Phoenix—Learning about the economy and constitutional issues may not seem like the most exciting thing to most teenagers, but a new program from the Goldwater Institute is helping young people better understand and appreciate their constitutional rights and economic freedoms. Artists 4 America seeks to involve students, artists, activists ...

Published July 18, 2017

Author Starlee Coleman

Phoenix— Driving on the open road is as American as apple pie—and so is getting pulled over for a traffic violation. But what’s not so American is that in many states, those who go to court over their violation are not guaranteed to have a fair hearing. This ...

Published July 13, 2017

Author Starlee Coleman

Phoenix—In America, free speech increasingly is not free. That’s particularly true as states pass laws to limit the ability of nonprofit organizations to advocate for issues Americans care about. Nonprofits are being made to disclose their donors’ names, addresses, and private information to the government if they speak ...

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