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Published March 22, 2017

Author Starlee Coleman

Phoenix—Imagine a pharmaceutical company executive being charged with a crime simply for telling a doctor about a legal, alternative use for an approved drug. It may sound far-fetched, but current law makes it illegal for drug companies to discuss safe, effective alternative uses for approved prescription drugs with medical ...

Published March 14, 2017

Author Starlee Coleman

Bluegrass State could become 34th to help terminally ill access medications

Phoenix—When Angel’s Trumpet Ale House opened in 2011, the Englehorn family was proud to help revitalize downtown Phoenix. They had no idea the City would force them and other small businesses to subsidize the property taxes of huge multi-state developers. Now, the Goldwater Institute is suing the City ...

County violated the law when it agreed to fund a new building for the private company

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