Tomorrow's Leaders

The Goldwater Institute is committed to preparing leaders who will protect freedom for generations to come. We offer five programs for students to get involved.


Legal Externship/Clerkship Application

The Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation hires law clerks and externs in each of the summer, fall, and spring semesters.

Litigation clerks and externs perform cutting-edge legal research and analysis, and heavily participate in the litigation process. They engage primarily in intensive legal research for cases on the center’s litigation docket. Clerks and externs assist in drafting complaints and motions, preparing for court hearings, evaluating potential cases, and developing litigation strategy. They are expected to possess an understanding of the principles of limited government. Every effort is made to match the interests of the student with the Center’s projects.


Ronald Reagan Fellowship

Another important part of the Goldwater Institute's mission is to equip young people with the knowledge and skills required to advance the free market ideals championed by President Reagan. Each year, the Institute pursues this goal by offering college students and recent graduates the opportunity to participate in the Ronald Reagan Fellows Internship Program.

The program was named in honor of the late President Ronald Reagan, a recipient of the Barry Goldwater Award for his incomparable leadership and commitment to human freedom. According to the program's founder, Mr. Dean Riesen, "It is a tribute to President Reagan's faith in future generations and will help those generations carry on the great work he began."

Through policy research, staff mentoring, seminar attendance, event participation and administrative assistance, Ronald Reagan Fellows gain a foundational understanding of the classical liberal principles that shaped Reagan's presidency. They also gain first-hand knowledge of how those principles relate to current public policy, and how organizations like the Goldwater Institute shape public policy at both local and national levels.

Thank you to the Union Pacific Foundation for funding scholarships that allow at least four students to become a Ronald Reagan Fellow.

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