Financials and Reports

The Goldwater Institute receives financial support from individuals across all 50 states. The Institute’s broad base of support ensures the independence of our research and litigation by making sure our work is not reliant on any single source of income.

Honoring Donor Privacy

In order to respect the privacy of our donors, the Goldwater Institute does not release the names of individual donors to any individual or organization without the express agreement of the donor, except as required by law and as set out below. The Goldwater Institute occasionally shares its list of donors in confidential exchanges with similar organizations as part of traditional fundraising efforts and will exclude individual donors from this process upon request.

If you have questions about our donor privacy policy or wish to be removed from our e-mail/postal contact lists, please email or contact the development department at (602) 462-5000.


Download our 2016 Annual Report (22.9 MB)

Download our 2015 IRS Form 990 (21.8 MB)

Download our 2016 Audited Financial Statements (227.6 KB)



The Goldwater Institute received a three-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest evaluator of nonprofit organizations. Three stars is one of Charity Navigator’s highest ratings, recognizing that the Goldwater Institute “adheres to sector best practices,” and “executes its mission in a financially efficient way.” In announcing the 2017 rating, Charity Navigator said the Goldwater Institute “outperforms most other charities in America” and demonstrated to the public our trustworthiness.  In addition, the Goldwater Institute received four stars for Accountability and Transparency. 


GuideStar, a national clearinghouse for information about nonprofit organizations, recently honored the Goldwater Institute with its highest possible rating of Platinum. GuideStar has recognized the Institute’s commitment to financial trans-parency and disclosure of other information to assist donors in making better decisions about their charitable giving.


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